What is Menstruation Cramps?

Menstruation cramps (dysmenorrhea) is the pain or cramp before or during menstruation. These two main types of dysmenorrhea are primary and secondary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea pain results from uterine contraction and it occurs when blood is supplied to the endometrium, while secondary dysmenorrhea pain is caused by a disease in the woman’s reproductive organs. The most common symptoms are lower back pain, abdominal pain and pain in chest. There are serval ways that we can deal with them:

1. Get Hot!

Using heating pads can relive the pain. Many people know ginger is a spice; however, only a few people know that ginger can play the role of warrior against dysmenorrhea. Ginger, in fact, tastes warm, and a lot of people get sweating when they eat ginger because the warm from ginger heat up their bodies. Ginger also can promote some diseases, such as blood circulation and relieve menstrual bleeding. Also, ginger essential oil has pain relieving properties which can reduce menstruation pain!

2. Do the self-massage at home!

First, you can sit down in a chair and start to be relaxed. Put your palms on your uterus. Your hand can start to turn either clockwise or counterclockwise motion and circle. Next, press your index fingers on your uterus, and pull your fingers up and draw heart. It’s easy and much cheaper way than outsourcing the work, so go ahead and try it!

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical treatment, which needs stimulating certain points on the body with small needle penetrating the skin. Through acupuncture point, it will help regulating the meridians, then the pain gets released!

We all know that menstrual cramps can really ruin a day. That’s ok now we can handle it, and there is nothing to be afraid. Having a peaceful mind is actually very important, and also you have to prepare before the menstruation comes, such as heating pads, analgesic, or ginger tea. Otherwise,do some easy self-massage at home. Do not let menstrual cramps disrupt your life anymore!




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